The newest Witches regarding Escazu provided beginning in order to a frightening legend known given that Maria La Negra

The newest Witches regarding Escazu provided beginning in order to a frightening legend known given that Maria La Negra

Maria La Negra

Maria try a black woman which lived-in Escazu and you can is actually called one of the last, notable witches in the area. Natives dreadful Maria as they suspected she owned the advantage so you can change by herself for the a large, black colored pig. When their particular daddy found their into the a deep hypnotic trance performing rituals at the rear of their own domestic, she informed your to not ever give people on which he’d seen. Immediately after studying you to their particular father provides shared her magic for the natives, Maria felt vindictive. She shed a spell one caused the death of certainly his favourite grandkids and consistently harassed him in the form of new ghostly and you may massive black pig. The newest legend away from Maria Los angeles Negra is among the most many stories you to borrowing women having transformative powers – constantly deciding to get it done immediately after becoming disappointed in life.

The brand new woman form chances

Once the majority of legends stated yet borrowing feminine which have a somewhat advanced character, others possess an even more you to definitely-sided purpose. The info, skills and you will strength you to contour the ladies on these reports, constantly carried a level of danger within it. Stories such as for example Los angeles Mona and ples of these. Some of the afterwards stories should work at that it ebony front side and you may tell a horrific tale including a good morality tale. On these stories a beneficial woman’s knowledge is harmful, their particular charm are deceiving, and her fuel try frightening.

Los angeles Segua

One particular morality tale says to the storyline of Segua, good cursed lady from Cartago whom seeks so you can entrap drifting men. Once a gorgeous girl, she fell deeply in love with a great Language administrator who would trick their own into the sexual misconduct in order to next hop out the metropolis to never feel read regarding once again. Passionate wild by their disappearance along with her very own disgrace, she became a great hideous monster neighbors consider while the Los angeles Segua. She’s considered return to her stunning mind and you will wait from the desolate ways getting unsuspecting dudes. When they is actually lured when you look at the because of the their own beauty and gives their a lift, they show up face to face that have a monster into the skull of a horse and burning purple vision.

This new morality talks to visitors both. It warns men concerning the risks of gorgeous and lonely women who’ll lure her or him out of their loved ones. To your female, it teaches one dropping to the strategies of men can have terrible consequences.

La Llorona

La Llorona is good legend which is commonly advised from inside the Costa Rica and also the rest of Latin America. It tells the storyline out of a beautiful more youthful lady named Maria which stayed in a rural area. When an abundant nobleman are take a trip because of her village and you can seen her, these people were immediately keen on for every other’s appeal. Brand new nobleman advised and you will Maria joyfully acknowledged. While Maria’s mothers had been pretty happy she is ily, the fresh new nobleman’s dad try very distressed one to their son was marrying to your poverty. So you can eliminate his disapproving father, the couple established a property regarding the village and you will compensated truth be told there.

After certain years, Maria offered delivery in order to several sons and you may try dropping their young attraction. Her husband is saving money much less date in the home and you may when he performed, he just got vision to have his sons. As he showed up having a more youthful lady and you will told you good-bye so you can their sons entirely overlooking their wife, Maria decrease to your a complement from fury and you can got their pupils down into the brand de vakreste chilean-jentene new river and drowned him or her. Just after to certain number of calm, sadness and you will be sorry for immediately befell their and you will she desperately arrive at find their boys. Other times later on she was receive lifeless of the river lender.

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