Discover a link between your incidence from early in the day seasons and gender of the scholar (p value = 0

Discover a link between your incidence from early in the day seasons and gender of the scholar (p value = 0

About depressive episodes and you will alcohol based drinks thirty two% regarding teens have some depressive symptoms; ones, 12%, presents high and you can 20%, moderate attacks. The clear presence of depressive periods be popular in females (18.8%) whilst in boys try thirteen.1% and there is statistical organization between your visibility of depressive symptoms and you may gender of one’s student (p value = 0.000); the current presence of depressive symptoms be more regular throughout the group away from eleven-fourteen many years (19.6%) during set of 15-19 many years several.5%. There mathematical relationship amongst the visibility of depressive periods as well as the age of the newest beginner category (p worth = 0.000).

52.5% out-of adolescents advertised with put alcoholic drinks given that first material consumed in daily life; ages of beginning try several, 11 years (SD = dos.39 age). 0% are more regular during the men (eleven.7%) and also in the group regarding 11-14 ages (eleven.7%). 000) and additionally toward age bracket (p worth = 0.000).

79.8% out of adolescents features a family member just who made use of liquor and you may 73.8% possess nearest and dearest which explore a minumum of one psychoactive compounds.

Exconsumo frequency out-of alcoholic drinks is 14.8% and you may 11, 0% of teenagers stated that cannot stop taking immediately following sipping one to or a couple drinks.

Of all of the children with high depressive periods, 18% do not end immediately after taking one or two alcoholic beverages. Truth be told there analytical organization amongst the exposure regarding depressive periods and you can alcoholic drinks binge ingesting (p really worth = 0.000).

Wellness stores in the region, do not have defined mental health program; they captures the young compliment of consultation and you will general health diagnoses is actually founded. Attendance on this type of locations is given into the three circumstances: outpatient provider getting problems or hospitalization. It is noticed that always the attention of the query is far more flexible and more receptive whenever you are hospitalized otherwise whenever typing need.

Worry units of one’s basic amount of difficulty agree totally that that of one’s major difficulties toward software performs, is the reluctance off teenagers to visit the latest appointment; however, believe that the few young adults browsing these apps try reached influence their lifestyle methods.

Medical agencies off Medellin, considers that there’s unmet demand, especially in roadway dwellers and you can displaced persons; as well as contends you to regarding the young population, health care is very repressed due to the fact prices are given to have an excellent later on day.

With the individual financing that’s working in this area so you’re able to address this dilemma, the respondent only healthcare in Controleer deze site eruit the region, argues you to just have a member-date psychologist and then have zero psychological provider available.

Brand new incidence off drinking in the past seasons try 19

Regarding the medical facilities regarding first quantity of difficulty they only has scientific and halftime as a result of him or her, the guy engages in campaign and you will reduction programs; after that argue that if the a depression situation often be handled out-of another level of difficulty.


The study reveals two mental health difficulties within the institution adolescent depressive episodes and you may alcohol based drinks affects a life threatening percentage of it populace, in which there is no certain provision from characteristics since the rules of societal coverage Colombia blanket zero such as for example disease; it provides as long as a crisis takes place in the fresh mental health of a person getting.

Psychosocial problems are not necessarily included in the functions of no. 1 care consequently they are perhaps not integrally considering within most other degrees of care in this area of Medellin. Wellness establishments commonly probably bring mental health functions because the health venture and you may condition prevention does not have the necessary people talent and you can qualified to target the problem.

The problem comes up when it is known to exist from the lives of them young people, stressors, because of the mutual visibility regarding both trouble or perhaps the exposure of any of them, will get result in an even more intense condition which can connect with their bodies and their social existence. The brand new context of relatives and buddies plays an important role from inside the the teenage takes on and solve the issues; bad affairs in this regard, results in a bona-fide social health problem.

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