Takarazuka: Sexual government and preferred society in progressive The japanese, Berkeley and you can La : College or university of California Press

Takarazuka: Sexual government and preferred society in progressive The japanese, Berkeley and you can La : College or university of California Press

17. In the battle, the government promoted old-fashioned hairdos and trends for all their sufferers; for women, brief, bowl-molded haircuts and baggy, high-waisted monpe jeans (commonly worn throughout the countryside) was in fact recommended as gestures off austerity, modesty and you can family top help into complete combat work. To possess a reason and you can analysis out of wartime shojo depictions into the shojo zasshi, pick Imada Erika, 2007, pp. 57–83. To have definitions of wartime manner and you will hair styles to have mature people, look for Wakakuwa, 2000 Wakakuwa, Midori . 2000 . Senso ga tsukuru joseizo: Dai niji sekai taisenka no Nihon josei doin no shikakuteki puropaganda, Tokyo : Chikuma gakugei bunko . [Google College student] and you will Atkins, 2005 Atkins, Jacqueline . 2005 . “ Extravagance is the challenger: Trends and you may fabric for the wartime The japanese, from inside the Jacqueline Atkins ”. For the Dressed in propaganda: Fabrics to the home front in the Japan, The uk, as well as the Us, 1931–1945, 157 – 169 . The latest Retreat and you will London area : Yale College Drive . [Google College student] .

18. Tanabe, ‘Shojo shosetsu ni muchu datta koro’, off Bara no kobeya yori, reprinted from inside the Honda, 1991 Honda, Masuko . 1991 . “ Senjika zero shojo zasshi, in Otsuka Eiji ”. In the Shojo zasshi ron, Tokyo : Tokyo shoseki . [Google Scholar] , pp. 36–37.

19. Tale out of Younger Grass, the fresh new translated Japanese label off Louisa Could possibly get Alcott’s Nothing People. This new title Wakakusa Monogatari are accompanied when the movie are found inside The japanese within the 1934; prior to penned translations and you will changes off Alcott’s antique got additional headings.

20. Other types of shojo activity, namely the latest Takarazuka Revue, may also have given a design for the ideal son with its brand of brand new danso no reijin[breathtaking girl inside male outfits], the new otokoyaku. Takarazuka not merely developed a faithful shojo group of fans through the wartime and you will postwar ages, but is actually checked on a regular basis within the shojo zasshi, specifically Shojo no tomo. To have an explanation and you may historical/anthropological data of Takarazuka Revue, find Robertson, 1998 Robertson, Jennifer . 1998 . [Crossref] , [Yahoo Beginner] .

21. Dating back to brand new 1910s, coaches and you may ethical supporters thought about film theatres since the reproduction cause of the latest furyo, otherwise because the furyo’s query reasons for its jogakusei sufferers. Some girls’ schools place rigid criteria towards the youngsters whom wished to sit in movie theatres, or blocked attendance outright. See Inagaki, 2007 Inagaki, Kyoko . 2007 . Jogakko in order to jogakusei: kyoyo, tashinami, modan bunka, Tokyo : Chuo koron shinsha . [Google College student] , pp. 142–44.

Note: as postcard respondent (and/or editor) utilized another type of spelling (Wakagusa in place of Wakakusa), the product quality spelling and you may pronunciation is actually Wakakusa

twenty two. The new intimate overtones regarding discussing a keen umbrella have prewar and you will very early wartime precedents. Select Kawabata Yasunari’s short-story, ‘Amagasa’ (Umbrella) regarding 1932, which contains a beneficial romantically recharged scene regarding several children sharing a keen umbrella. My compliment of Jan Bardsley to possess pointing out which relationship.

23. Discover ‘Civilizing “Degenerate” Students’, in the Ambaras, 2006 Ambaras, David . 2006 . Bad youngsters: Teenager delinquency together with government away from day to day life into the progressive Japan, Berkeley and La : School regarding Ca Drive . [Yahoo Student] , pp. 66–96.

twenty four. Brand new payment transform is short for rates away from 1946–50 rather than 1936–forty (Lunden, 1953 Lunden, Walter A great. 1953 . Juvenile delinquency during the The japanese. Pre-conflict, battle, and you will article-conflict ages . The brand new Journal off Criminal Rules, Criminology, and you may Cops Research, 44(4): 428 – 432 . November-December [Crossref] , [Bing Beginner] , p. 430).

Truly the only exemption towards the intercourse-segregated program from post-no. 1 education in the Meiji several months toward wartime months is the fresh new coeducational Tokyo Musical College or university [Tokyo ongaku gakko]

7. We evaluate these https://datingmentor.org/why-should-you-join-match/ depictions in more detail regarding wartime chapter when you look at the my personal dissertation to your shojo zasshi:‘Most of the Women’s a level: Representations out of Womanliness and you will Adolescence when you look at the Japanese Girls’ Journals, 1930s-1960s’ (PhD Dissertation, Stanford College or university, 2008).

sixteen. See Inagaki, 2007 Inagaki, Kyoko . 2007 . Jogakko so you can jogakusei: kyoyo, tashinami, modan bunka, Tokyo : Chuo koron shinsha . [Bing Scholar] , p. 207.

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