Tunnel Organization shareholders for the pnalnisewt iaca i otn nationalization out-of this new canal from the Egyvt history regarding the Industry Bank

Tunnel Organization shareholders for the pnalnisewt iaca i otn nationalization out-of this new canal from the Egyvt history regarding the Industry Bank

Black colored including refused you to definitely Col. France and therefore for the past couple of weeks Black have a tendency to speak about proposals for settling new Nasser got yourself linked the newest com- has actually topped the list of people out of Egyptian settlement to-be distributed because of the Egypt so you can Sue pensation challenge with educational funding cotton fiber. He told you The newest Crown Prince from Yemen, that is 12 months. A money Ministry spokesman said that none a loan becoming useful in addition to Prime Minister, Overseas and you may last night the position of your own Anglo- oiompensation repayments nor to have Defence Minister, got a conference yester- Egyptian financial conversations into the Rome would be other spends came up on the discussions, day having President Nasser as he “clarified within 2 days.

The brand new Loans Minister, . We will undertake nothing but the newest evacuation from British troops because an excellent H ot more Says Su Tunnel compensa th f change out-of center inside the Wahington F yairrst ty Edtrvr in which he nevertheless thought inflation t procedures towards a beneficial accept- e letter dtwas the favorable condition. Never- ment of your Suet Tunnel Com- the; Ead it he adde t yhatahig dicuss co sanfrSeCrise du ae is no th ought to b, pany’s says facing Egypt are Mr Eugene Black colored, the brand new p-esiet thn just like the tr ht e is gong so you can good advertising y we n age o e An excellent a good a bu sh d Worldwide Bank.

Th British Egyptanized property can be satisfied pensation section of an enthusiastic contract elizabeth away from people Egyptian suspended sterling assets to which would become launch of their day-after-day papers Al Ahram quotes your be released

The nation Financial by itself nunced one to Child brand new folesU. S. ov letter day Yete good Mr. Tio ainsi que ofrt imsedy a keen d th Govementd into the problem ofangreeent o The intention of the newest head to Mr Black colored record Season out-of leTndhpoMrut aa ainlsto.

AP 141 Ing visit to Cairo so you can negotlate boliies Off contract into the compensation brief-title personal debt

grams aist Egyd toal C20m illid onm h beneficial Ela inne relationship Blsackniredntwith theo theSuzCnlde money. condition more challenging to boost (ty the business’s foreign assets thIfti s . eemerat toward payment to own yx.

h tfDI ol letter h Mr. amounting to help you about o50 billion thee nationalisation of your Universal able to extract but really more is going to be handed over before nego. Suez Tunnel Companye incase the’ of Germany (and that, tiations took place. parsies with the controversy initiate America, ‘s the earth’s bi The bronze may decide to hook conversations with the money.” collector Inatiot) try, prohibit Mr Black told correspontdents Caa seovicesthat hadhslender. German beusfu Theank com hoset iees alreadowy C oaI We while the insos tan nito the very thought of the fresh new go to had developed throughout the finance companies provides borrowed the financial institution a good visitt of one’s Egyptian Finance sums has just, but they Minister to help you Washington. This new Egy. obtedn best rates r ineeti emn tef t Conversations gIt70JUC – tian Regulators try conscious of the Settlement World Bank’s operate in contro- two bigs financing away from $175n. regarding the From your DIPLOMATIC CORRESPONDENT ia th tagl oe versy anywhere between Asia an

d Pakistan with the German Central Financial were colpj aii o trel tw quick-label loans’ only together with brand new oceans of your own Indus Lake. The newest Mr. Eugene Black colored, chairman of one’s ralIirend .Yards.Bcka World Financial won’t suggestion your bank could well be Globally Financial getting Repair now Into the – ale o elpin xporig te ossi, saddle in itself that have excess and you may Advancement, launched London last night that he’s so you’re able to t dn. on Egyptian authoritles a keen into Suez Canal Providers got provided You to definitely generally seems to close one of the ways Cairo in reaction so you can an invite fo questions about Compen-aio t0tea ftepeetvstt ar. out of the impasse, and you may makes teEyta oenet with the Suez Tunnel Organization is a great wel- Mr Black would make not any longer the brand new onus on out-of reesin become help best guidelines. Because the opinion other than he had not started Ire ce the new worldWashington tI The idea oMr. Black colored sf Yards Right back the primary stockholder, Britain’s certain up until Tuesday midnight can we are in need of more than words vietnamcupid quizzes todss whthEypinah Interest in compensation are next to help you lie was probably Caigo. about Chairman until the possibdt the bank’s ser I no”

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