Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 – around 9.5 hours of battery life

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 is the tablet model that you are probably looking for. And much more than that. Let’s start by telling you about its docking station which comes with full I/O ports that bring excellent connectivity options, a DVD drive and a audio system too, perfect for enjoying music, movies and videos.

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2

Things get even better for Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2, so let’s bot leave aside the keyboard which attaches to this model by using an USB cable. So we don’t have just a basic model, but one prepared to give you all the power and entertainment that you are looking for. Under the hood, this tablet packs the latest Intel Atom dual-core processor which features a high-performance design.

And the battery life is definitely something worthy to be taken into consideration. The main battery and the extended model provide around 9.5 hours of battery life per single charge. And with Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 you don’t really have to be worried about the portability aspect as long as the small extended battery weighs no more than 100g.

Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2 Gigabyte S1081 S1081-CF2

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