Lenovo Y480 20934FU – perfect for 3D games

Lenovo Y480 20934FU is a powerful laptop model which provides improved performance, being absolutely perfect even for your favorite 3D games. But we must admit from the start the fact that there are a few negative aspects too. The battery is non-standard, so it is capable to offer no more than four hours, a number which is disappointing if we take a look at other models from the same category available on the market at this moment.

Lenovo Y480 20934FU

The display also comes with a bit lower resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, but be prepared to find more about its advantages too. And don’t worry, there is an entire list. Lenovo Y480 20934FU includes two memory slots, as well as no less than 750 GB hard drive, so there is no problem when it comes to the storage space. Even more, Lenovo Y480 20934FU is also equipped with other two 2.0 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA ports.

Under the hood Lenovo Y480 20934FU packs a Third-Generation Intel Core i7-3610QM quad-core processor model at 2.3GHz which is created to offer strong performance on 3D games and video editing as well. And the premium JBL Stereo speakers are powered by Dolby Home Theater v4, so they are so loud that they can fill your room.

Lenovo Y480 20934FU Lenovo Y480 20934FU Lenovo Y480 20934FU

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