Samsung QX411-W01UB – no Bluetooth

Here we have a laptop that comes with an amazing balance between its features and price – Samsung QX411-W01UB. For no more than $699.99 it is ready to offer the battery life that we all dream off, connectivity options including WiMax and USB 3.0, or a design that immediately makes its presents felt and admired.

Samsung QX411-W01UB

Samsung QX411-W01UB comes with some hardware details which will surprise you: we are talking about a Core i5 second-gen processor, a 640GB hard drive and 6GB of RAM too. And when we’ve told you about a long battery life, be sure that we aren’t wrong as long as Samsung QX411-W01UB resists up to 6 hours and 5 minutes per charge.

Its 14-inch display comes with a maximum 1,366×768-pixel-resolution, so it works just fine when it comes to seeing the latest movies or playing your favorite games. What’s wrong about it? You should know that Samsung QX411-W01UB doesn’t include the basic Bluetooth feature, but it still remains a great affordable option.

Samsung QX411-W01UB Samsung QX411-W01UB Samsung QX411-W01UB

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