Why Canon PowerShot A1200?

You probably heard about Canon PowerShot A2200, one of the most popular from the PowerShot A series. But if you can not afford it, think about its inexpensive version – Canon PowerShot A1200.

Canon PowerShot A1200_1

You should know that Canon PowerShot A1200 has a 12,1 MP sensor with the same 720p recoding ability as A2200, Vivid, including some very interesting color effects such as Black & White, Neutral, Sepia or Custom. Its AA-size batteries are certainly a big advantage, although we must admit the fact that this camera’s shooting performance is very slow.

Its dimmensions are 3.8×2.5×1.2 inches and it weighs no more than 6.5 ounces.You can take advantage of these capabilities for no more than $109.99 and be shure that you will have some great photos and a pretty good video quality. So, we think we offered you some pretty good reasons to buy this Canon PowerShot model, but the final decision is only yours.

Canon PowerShot A1200_2Canon PowerShot A1200_3Canon PowerShot A1200_4

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