The powerfull Samsung Hercules superphone

We decided to present you this smartphone because we are shure you’ll like what you see. The device has a special appropiate name – Samsung Hercules, as long as it is much more powerfull than its predecesor Samsung Infuse, or even more capable than some PC models.

Samsung Hercules _1

This superphone comes equipped with 1.2 Ghz Dual-core Qualcomm APQ8060 Processor, a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of no less than 800 x 450 pixels or 16GB internal ROM and 1GB internal RAM. But there is no problem, as long as we can extend it up to 32GB thanks to its external microSD.

Its 8 megapixel primary camera includes features such as Effects, multi shot, auto focus, ISO control, LED flash, smile detection, digital zoom, but let’s not forget that there is a secondary front-facing camera too.

It is belived to measure 5.16 x 2.76 x 0.37 inches, almost the same as Samsung Infuse, but, as you can see, it offers a much higher level of performance. Unfortunatelly we must expect a few months to buy it – September 26t, but that is really something which worths the wait.

Samsung Hercules _2Samsung Hercules _3Samsung Hercules _4

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