Are we prepared for robotic nurses?

We have robots placed in the first line. Why shouldn’t they be in other institutions like hospitals too? We can imagine a world with robotic nurses around. Yes, it is possible, but all the problems come from our reaction. Are we prepared to interact so closely with robots?

Robotic Nurse_1

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently presented a special project at the Human-Robot Interaction conference from Switzerland. They wanted to observe peoples reaction when they are touched by a robotic nurse known as Cody and the results are incredible.

It seems that the most important factor is the robot’s intention, although Cody touched people in the same way. So when they thought that the robot cleaned their arm, the subject’s reaction was a positive one. But when people had the impression of a comfort gesture, they weren’t so relaxed.

Another result suggests us that people don’t respond more favorably when a robot verbally indicates his next actions. It is obvious that we have suspicious eyes for them, but maybe soon we’ll learn how to accept and use these robots in our benefits.

Robotic Nurse_2Robotic Nurse_3Robotic Nurse_4

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