Hinge, an eco-friendly iPad accessory

More and people are interested on buying their own Apple tablet, so everything relating on this subject is appreciated by the entire public. Hinge, the eco-friendly iPad stand is no exception, specially created to to offer the best flexibility every time you need to use your iPad tablet.

Hinge _1

Why is it an eco-friendly product? Because in its composition we might find recycled materials like harvested birch, recycled polypropylene or high grade leather (in different proportions, depending on each model you decide to choose) and as we can see from the picture, the final result is not bad at all; in fact we have a very elegant design and easy to use too.

It allows you to view the iPad at whatever angle that you prefer, so activities like reading, typing, watching movies and many others are a lot easiear than before. And we are talking about a portable stand which can be easily folded when not in use.

But there is another big problem. The model is only in the project stages and it won’t ever be available on the market if its creators don’t get the funding they need. We hope they will manage to solve this problem; this would actually be a great iPad accessory to have.

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