New “Panic Button” Software

We have to admit that Middle East protests have a real help from the entire mobile world and social media too. The United States had offered more than $50 million since 2008 to suport new high technologies for social activists. And their latest invention is a “panic button” app which has some great abilities.

US Government Develops Panic Button_1

This “Panic Button” Software was developed by the US Government as a reaction to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the protector of cellphone privacy. And it seems to be very useful. We are talking about the fact that it allows pro-democracy protestors to wipe out the phone’s address book and emit emergency alerts in the same time.

Michael Posner, U.S. Secretary of State for human rights and labor declared that its global strategy tries to include media technology as a necessity and a way of protection. There are some noticible examples – In Bahrain, people captured acts of violence from police part using cellphones, later offered to the court; or in Tunisia cellphones were also the first to document the spreading unrest, before television producers from Al Jazeera.

So if we take a look and see what happens around us, we will certainly understand the need of such a “panic button”.

US Government Develops Panic Button_2US Government Develops Panic Button_3Hillary Clinton, protector of cellphone privacy

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