How to detect a person’s feelings by using a computer?

Lijun Yin, a Binghamton University computer scientist and his team try to create new ways to use computers. Just imagine a world where these devices would understand our emotional state. The webcam works almoust like the human eye. Why couldn’t it capture and analyse a real person’s feelings and emotions?

Lijun Yin

Dream on, you might say. But Lijun Yin thinks that is possible. And we tend to give him credit, as long as he is also the one who participated to the creation of the well-known 3D facial expression database.

The process is slow and expensive. But finally six elementary emotions – surprise, disgust, fear, anger, joy and sadness will be captured by a computer. And we already have some partial proof. One of Yin’s graduate gave a PowerPoint presentation using only his eyes to highlight content on various slides.

Why facial-recognition would help us so much? Therapists and doctors would understand their pacients. Or even as a parent, think that you can discover your child’s pain, having only a webcam attached to your computer. For those who refuse to express themselves, it can be a real solution of salvation.

How to detect a person's feelings by using a computerLijun Yin_2How to detect a person's feelings by using a computer_2

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