The perfect shock-resistant watch – G-SHOCK

You probably heard about G-SHOCK, the well-known shock-resistant watches which already have so many buyers completely satisfayed by their quality. But Casio Japan wanted even more so they added Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology, so that they are capable of adjusting time all over the world by simply connecting with your smartphone.


Forget about the problem of moving between various countries or regions. It can be much simple not to set your watch forth or back every time when you are in a different time zone. And there is even more about this special watch. Not only that the time can be synchronized automatically, but have you thought about a possible communication between watches through smartphones?

Different devices that support the Bluetooth Low Energy will allow the connection with these new watches – Casio Japan recently declared. Pretty interesting applications we might say! And we have more great news for you. G-SHOCK watches will be able to offer a battery life of two years from a single button-cell battery. It will be available sometime in 2011, but we don’t have any informations about the price yet.


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