Window Phone


If you are unhappy with your weather services, Song Seunghan decided to make the world happy and create a concept phone that can provide users with highly accurate weather predictions every day. In real life it would be possible if the device could connect to information via the Internet or wireless and would gather information from trusted sites about the current weather. Window phone not only warns you if you are exposed to sun or rain, and even change his view according to the weather.

Phone window is still a concept, but most likely that, within 5 years to find one in stores in November. (also in fair “the boys”). And a month after launch to find and replicate a “Made in China” which look exactly the same, only it’s much cheaper and infinitely more coarse.

Since the phone does not show any keys, users will have to hand write numbers and messages whenever they want to communicate. Too bad we will not see such a device too soon, but only in about 4 or 5 years. Remember, not confuse Window Phone with Windows Phone.


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