The new 2TB ioSafe Solo

ioSafe Solo

External hard drives couldn’t be any safer. ioSafe Solo, known for their USB external hard drives which are capable to resist to any physical damage, like fire or water, has launched a version which can now stock 2 TB of information.

The main purpose of the unit is to preserve all your data, assuring you that, if your computer crashes, the ioSafe will keep it safe and restore it whenever you need it.

And that’s not all. Pushing the limits farther and farther, we find out that the new ioSafe can resist to 1550 degrees F for half-an-hour or 10 feet under water for 3 full days.

ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore, stated: “The 2 TB ioSafe Solo is a great product for anyone looking to buy a desktop external hard drive who needs the high capacity and single drive simplicity. When used as a backup device, the ioSafe can protect against data loss from primary hard drive failure, accidental deletions as well as fires, floods and other forms of physical disasters,”.

That means there’s no need to worry for your virtual information and that you can concentrate on more important things.

The 2 TB ioSafe Solo can now be found on the market for just $399.

ioSafe Solo ioSafe Solo

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